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Seven HVAC Warning Signs Your System Might Be Giving You

Seven HVAC signs that your system may not be operating correctly.

1. Your HVAC unit constantly starts and stops

While it is normal for an HVAC unit to start and stop a couple of times per hour while operating normally, however, if it is starting and stopping more frequently then chances are there is an issue. Generally, constant start/stops are caused by a problem with the various sensors, safety switches built into the unit. Another cause for this can be improperly sized equipment or ductwork.

2. Wet spots on the ceiling or floor

If you notice wet spots forming or re-occurring near your HVAC unit or near ductwork for your unit has a technician in to inspect this. There can be many things that would cause such an issue; if this issue is left unattended you could end up with moisture damage and or mold issues.

3. Smell of gas or smoke

Smells of gas or smoke coming from an HVAC unit usually indicate a fairly important issue and the unit should be turned off immediately until a technician can verify it is safe to turn back on. The presence of gas or smoke smell is typically due to flame quality or possible failure of the heat exchanger. Shut the unit down and have a qualified technician inspect it before putting the HVAC unit back into operation.

4. Loud rattles or bangs

It is not abnormal for an HVAC unit to run with a minimal amount of noise; however loud rattles or bangs, vibration and harmonics are not normal and should be assessed immediately. Such noises are usually an indication of failed bearings, broken belts and imbalanced fan wheels. It’s not a bad idea to shut a unit down until it can be inspected, this will ensure no further damage to the HVAC unit from these damaged or failed parts.

5. Deteriorating airflow/air quality

If you are experiencing lack of airflow from registers, hot or cold spots within a conditioned space, or possibly experiencing smells from your HVAC unit or ducting it may not be a bad idea to have an inspection done. There can be many causes for these issues but a thorough inspection by a qualified technician will point out exactly what you are up against.

6. Utility Bills Rising

While it is normal to experience increase and decreases on your utility bill due to changes in weather/time of year. However if you experience a spike lets say in the middle of heating or cooling season and the weather has not changed drastically then chances are something is wrong with your HVAC unit and it requires inspection.

7. An old system

If your HVAC unit is older than fifteen years and is beginning to require a lot of service or starting to breakdown regularly it might be time to consider replacement the unit. Typically HVAC units are only designed for a fifteen-year life span, it’s a good idea to be aware of this so you can budget for this overtime rather than being hit with a very large bill all at once.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or are unsure of the current condition of your HVAC system it is always recommended to contact a service provider and have a qualified technician inspect the equipment. We at ICEMASTERS would be glad to help, please feel free to contact us.

This checklist will help you maintain your HVAC system, keep your repair needs in check, and help your equipment last longer.

HVAC checklist

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