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You Get What You Pay for With Commercial Grade Refrigeration & HVAC

Much of this subject is based on communicating with potential clients, current customers and other professionals within the refrigeration and HVAC industry.

Using a large company for your refrigeration needs gets you larger per-hour charges due to the large overhead that it costs to operate these companies. Naturally, hourly charges and other charges — such as truck fees — will be larger than that of smaller companies, which means you pay more but you don’t necessarily get more.

Many may pay these increased amounts assuming larger companies are better able to suite their needs, this does not always hold true: bigger doesn’t always mean better. Most large companies have a handful of skilled technicians alongside a bunch of warm bodies filling positions. Odds are you will be getting a warm body the next time you call in a service call, which means this person may not have the skills or knowledge required to fix your problem right the first time. In addition, the chance of seeing a new face means unfamiliarity with the client’s protocol, equipment and any special site requests. This now costs more per hour, requires more hours to repair, and possibly will not get repaired the first time.

On the other edge of the sword are the companies out there that are billing out at substantially less than what the large companies do. A word to the wise: how can they provide you with a level of professionalism, technical ability, and efficiency but charge you so little? Simple: they can’t! Chances are there is something missing. They might have no WCB, no commercial insurance, missing business or trade licenses, minimal experience, minimal skills, and provide you with a taillight warranty — as soon as their taillights are out of sight, your warranty is up!

In most cases, the best price and level of quality is found in small to medium sized companies. Generally, their employees are all skilled technicians, the owners are available and they have an interest in your loyalty. You will be provided with professionalism, a fair price, and a more personal relationship with your service provider.

I hope that my experience and this information will help you to choose the right provider to suite your facilities needs.

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