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Our team has 30+ years of combined experience helping businesses keep their HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration technology in perfect working condition.

We’ve learned through the years that great service isn’t just about knowing how to fix Refrigeration and HVAC units or install new equipment. Business owners and building managers keep coming back to us because they want to work with affordable professionals they know and trust… not a generic service tech who happens to be on the clock when they call.

The ICEMASTERS team isn’t just fully licensed; we’re also dependable. We keep our appointments, stand by our work after it’s finished, and pride ourselves on getting referrals from satisfied customers.

Don’t lose inventory, productivity, and precious business hours to a broken cooling unit, and don’t overpay for service that’s not up to the standards we set. For the best in refrigeration service throughout our Calgary and Foothills service area, call ICEMASTERS for immediate service now!


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Important Checklists for Commercial Refrigeration and Commercial HVAC

HVAC Checklist

Sign up for your HVAC maintenance checklist here. Your Commercial HVAC system may look like a bulletproof workhorse, but its internals require regular TLC

This checklist will help you maintain your HVAC system, keep your repair …

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Refrigeration Checklist

Keep your refrigeration system in top condition

Keeping your inventory fresh, your commercial refrigeration system needs to remain in good condition. It will only stay in good condition with routine and regular maintenance. It’s a great …

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