Cool Your Computers. Save Your Data.

Cooling for Corporate Data Centres and Clean Rooms

Data centres and computer clean rooms rely on cool environments with the right humidity, ventilation, and air quality. Without those ingredients, it’s only a matter of time before service is interrupted and files are lost.

data center cooling

ICEMASTERS provides fast, cost-effective, and dependable HVAC services. It doesn’t matter whether you need timely repairs to a technology office or refrigeration installation work for a cloud facility – we are ready to step in and give you the expert technical assistance you need.

A Cost Effective Cooling System Will Protect Your Data and Profits

Are you trying to figure out how to keep the air around your servers cool and clean? And keep from incurring major energy costs at the same time? We have the expertise you’re looking for.

With more than 30+ years of combined experience in the Calgary area, we’ve helped technology-based businesses to assess their needs, and develop cost-effective ongoing maintenance plans that ensure they won’t suffer unplanned outages or unexpected repairs.

A Specialized HVAC System Will Keep Your Data Centre Cool

Although many technology providers tend to treat cooling and refrigeration as an afterthought, the reality is that any business that relies on heavy computer use will eventually need qualified help in this area. The HVAC systems needed to keep such facilities under tight climate control can be complex, and regular maintenance is needed to keep them running reliably and affordably.

ICEMASTERS is a favourite of Calgary technology companies for two reasons:

  1. First, we make customer care a priority, so we won’t leave you waiting when you need fast service.
  2. And second, we only employ a handful of the best refrigeration technicians you’ll find anywhere.

We take the time to get to know you, and your facility, so we can give you solutions that work over time, without costing you any more than they need to.

If you want expert cooling and refrigeration service for your data centre, let ICEMASTERS step in and install or maintain your systems. We’re just a phone call away at 403-294-9384.