Supermarket Refrigeration Programming and Setup

Success Story


A local independent grocery store had been doing business with the same service man during the past 10 years. They had complete trust in the technician and even remained loyal during a transition of employers . There had always been a recurring issue with a particular lineup of sales cases (freezers): on a weekly basis, the staff would empty product and wash the evaporator coils due to them freezing up and building ice. This had gone on for years, and the user was told that it was normal due to humidity issues being higher that the system was designed for.

If you think about what this took for man hours at 2 people every week for 6 hours translates into over 600 hours, and thousands of dollars over a 1 year period. Now multiply that over a decade.


ICEMASTERS reprogrammed the case controller to allow for proper defrost of the case that was problematic. We also noticed that the staff was also going in and manually defrosting another system case several times a day because of the same issue, so we reprogrammed that case controller, too.

It was also noticed during the reprogram that there were other issues possibly causing issues during seasonal changes and winter conditions.


Since the changes have been made and the controller has been set up with all valves and components working the way they should the customer no longer spends thousands on employee labour to perform tasks that is automatic and handled by the refrigeration system controller. Also, a reduction in system refrigerant charge has left the customer with a surplus of refrigerant on hand in storage for future use they don’t have to spend several thousand dollars on gas.

We continue to service this customer. They are very thankful for a refrigeration service contractor who picked up the pieces after they were dropped by their last company who could no longer play shell games, juggling the problems they didn’t know how to fix.