5 Common Commercial HVAC Issues You May Experience

Common HVAC issues you should know about.

Despite the growing need for HVAC systems throughout the world, many folks don’t know much about their commercial HVAC systems. As such, they end up experiencing a lot of avoidable HVAC issues. They also expose their systems to damage by failing to do consistent maintenance.

The growth in HVAC’s popularity is fuelled by many things, including demand for new or replacement products. Many governments are also pushing for energy efficiency and HVAC unit automation, offering incentives to property owners who choose to upgrade their HVACs to more efficient and sustainable systems.

Yet there are some common HVAC problems that most systems – new or legacy – will share.

Quick word about the importance of proper HVAC maintenance:

Maintaining your HVAC system will save you time, money, and other labor costs. Yet, even with regular servicing, you might find your HVAC not working the way you expect. The system might malfunction, emit smoke or gas, and make strange noises.

That said, here are the common HVAC issues you should know about:

1. Leaks

Sometimes, there may be a problem with how technicians install your HVAC unit. This may lead to leaks of gases and fumes. The danger here is breathing this contaminated air can lead to various respiratory health issues.

Thus, look out for strange smells or odors. If you discover something is smelling, switch off all HVAC devices. Then, call one of the thousands of HVAC contractors in Canada to come and fix the problem.

2. Heating and cooling issues

You may find your system is not handling heating or cooling well. The rooms get hotter or colder than you want and it becomes uncomfortable to be there. This shows there could be a problem with the thermostat.

Check the thermostat settings before you call a technician. Nowadays, systems have advanced thermostats that may function differently depending on your choices. In other cases, it could be the thermostat is damaged and needs a replacement.

3. Strange noises

Noises coming from your HVAC system can indicate faulty wiring or worn belts. A malfunctioning internal fan could also be the culprit. As a result, your unit won’t be working at optimal levels.

The internal damage will force the unit to work harder to fulfill its normal output. In turn, this may cause further damage to your unit. Thus, when you troubleshoot HVAC systems, go step-by-step until you find the faulty part.

4. Worn or clogged filters

Filters prevent dust and other airborne particles or germs from entering your building. With time, these filters start clogging up while others become dirty or worn out. Eventually, you start noticing the quality of your indoor air is dusty.

As such, you must hire technicians to replace your filters after short periods of use. They should also clean any outdoor units.

5. Powering ON and OFF

You may find your unit keeps switching itself OFF and ON. This could be due to faulty wiring or it could be an old unit. If it’s the latter, you’ll find that it also costs you money due to energy inefficiency.

Thus, you are better off getting a new HVAC device. If the issue is faulty wiring, get a technician to fix it. Leaving it like that may start a fire.

Learn more about commercial HVAC systems

There may be other HVAC issues preventing your unit from working well. The most important thing you can do is remember to do regular servicing. This helps identify problems with your unit before they get out of hand.

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