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How to Know When it’s Time to Call a Commercial Heating Repair Company

Rising commercial energy costs are hurting business-owners throughout Canada. But, hiring a heating repair company can help lower your energy costs.

Major heating system malfunctions increase your energy bills. But, smaller malfunctions can raise costs too. Many business-owners wait for a total system failure before they repair their heaters.

This causes significant damage to your system that will cost you more in the long run. High energy costs are already hurting your profits, don’t let major repairs cost you more!

It shouldn’t take a total system failure for you to notice something isn’t working . Pay attention to these signs your heater isn’t working, and call a heating repair company.

When to call a heating repair company

Loud, unusual or new sounds

Strange noises can be an early sign that something isn’t functioning properly. Most heaters make some amount of noise when they work. But, new or louder sounds can be a sign of trouble.

Contact a professional if you notice any unusual sounds coming from your heater.

Higher energy costs

Higher energy costs are clear sign something isn’t working properly.

The longer it takes to fix a malfunction, the more damage it can do. Paying close attention to your energy costs can help your address problems swiftly.

A sudden increase in your energy bills is a red flag that there is something wrong with your system. Call a heating repair company immediately to prevent long-term damage.


Does your heater start-up and then stop again before has the chance to get started? This is short-cycling and it’s a sign that there is a problem with your heating system.

There are a few reasons your system may be short-cycling. Your problem could be a refrigerant leak, if your system uses a heat pump. If you use a forced air heater the culprit could be a dirty air filter.

Hire a professional if you’re experiencing short-cycling to prevent long-term damage.

Low heat levels or air flow

It’s obvious you have a problem if your heater is blowing cold air. Pay attention to the temperature of the air coming from your vents.

Air that isn’t as warm as it should be can also signify trouble. Your heater has to work harder when the temperature isn’t right. This puts extra stress on your heating system and raises your energy costs.

Poor air flow is another sign your heater could use some maintenance. Bad air flow also forces your system to work harder to heat your space. Poor air flow also traps hot air in the vents which further damages your system.

Save money: hire a heating repair company now

A heating system failure is bad for business. Proactive heating repair will save your business money. Prepare for winter by servicing your heating system before it malfunctions.

As a business owner, you need issues handled quickly. A heating repair service can address and solve issues with your heating unit before they become major problems.

Stay out of the cold his winter and hire a professional repair company today!

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