Choose the proper refrigeration for a walk-in cooler or freezer
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Selecting the Right Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in Freezer Refrigeration

If you’re in the market to have a walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer built for cold storage there a few questons that are vital in its design process. It’s like buying any other product… when it comes to price the sky is the limit. Size, add ons, extras and features all add to the cost.

What are you Storing?

The first and perhaps the most important piece of engineering data that is required is, what are you storing in the refrigerated cooler or freezer? Do you have a fresh or open product that has been prepared or processed and required to be chilled or frozen in a certain amount of time, or is the product being stored coming in at a pre-cooled temp and just being held at its temperature? There are many different types of evaporators (inside cooling units) to choose from. Fin design, air velocity, and type of defrosting will determine what is going to work for you. Condensing units/compressors come in many different sizes with different horsepower and applications (indoor/outdoor). Going too small or light on power requirements can save on your initial costs but added wear from equipment that is undersized adds up pretty quick when you are replacing components on an all too frequent or premature basis.

Future refrigeration considerations

Also, cold storage box-sizing is a good thing you may want to think hard on. If you plan on your business growing and your space requirements are possibly changing,  then plan ahead… it’s easier to have a little bigger unit early on and grow into your cooler\freezer. Just like at home… any renovation is expensive and you want your money well spent.

Ask the right questions

Doors and other openings should be considered. Do you require a pallet size door to get into the box or is a man door sufficient? If the door is open a lot, you may want strip curtains or an automatic closer or even consider an air curtain. Always ask lots of questions, good contractors should be happy to educate the client to ensure they are happy after the sale… not just want to make a sale. Also, the same can be said for the client or end user, you want make sure you spend your money wisely on your investment. Make sure you have thought through all options and weighed the pros and cons. When comparing pricing always ask what’s the difference? What are you really getting and what are you really wanting?

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