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Proper Storage Temperatures For A Refrigerated Space

Here is some very helpful information on safely storing food in refrigerated spaces.

Cooler storage

A cooler is best kept at a temperature between 1.8 to 4 * Celsius (35 to 40* F), this temperature range will greatly slow down the degradation of perishable foods. Also keeping foods in your refrigerator in sealed airtight containers or sealed plastic bags will help to keep them better as well.

The refrigeration process removes moisture from the air, which is what causes the air to be cooled; if food is left uncovered the moisture content will be sucked out of the food causing it to loose flavor, texture and nutrients. Another very key thing to keeping cooler storage safe is to always ensure cleanup of any spills or mess in the refrigerator and overall regular cleaning of the refrigerated space in general; this will help to prevent Listeria or bacterial growth from occurring.

Freezer storage

In a freezer we are looking to keep our temperature between -18 to -23* Celsius (0 to -10* F); at this temperature bacteria will not die off but it will stop growing preserving food until it is again thawed. This freezing process does not reduce the foods nutritional value.

When freezing food it is important to use sealed airtight containers, also the more air you remove from the package the longer it will keep; vacuum seal or the good old fashion way of using a straw to remove excess air; either way less air = longer keep time and less chance of freezer burn. Again we want to keep things clean and clean any spills immediately before they have a chance to freeze.

It’s important to keep your refrigeration equipment and systems in check. This can not only help your utility bills, but keeps food longer and safer while finding issues that could turn into costly problems if left alone.

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