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5 of the Most Common Types of Refrigeration for Businesses

Learn about Calgary’s most common commercial refrigeration options

Many commercial property owners and small business owners find out too late that there are different types of refrigeration depending on the needs of their business.

Don’t risk losing money and customers. Make sure you understand the different types of commercial refrigeration units before you invest in a commercial refrigeration unit.

1. Walk-in commercial freezers

It’s impossible to operate a restaurant effectively without the right walk-in freezer. But unless you invest in the right size and capabilities you can risk wasting food and spreading sickness to your customers.

Poor refrigeration has been linked to food poisoning and resulted in many people getting sick. All of that can be avoided by maintaining and installing the right walk-in freezer or cooler for your business.

Business owners need to account for their current volume of storage, customer growth, initial investment, and maintenance costs to get the right refrigeration types for their business.

But the types of refrigeration system aren’t just about the ease and comfort of the owner. You need to account for the requirements for the food or supplies you are storing.

2. Drive-in freezer

As companies become more active in e-commerce there is a greater need for drive-in freezers than ever. And while all commercial refrigeration units have specialized needs, your installation team needs to factor in a different set of lighting and door requirements for drive-in freezers.

As Amazon continues to establish a stronghold on the food business and there is more call to ship perishables long distances there will be a growing need for drive-in freezers for small business owners as well.

Small business owners can compete at a different level of e-commerce with the right equipment.

3. Indoor condensing cooling units

A business owner or manager may not realize that the storage conditions for fresh food need to be different than those for packaged products.

Condensing cooling units give off heat. As a result, they may increase the cost of heating your building.

They may also affect the storage of other items in your business.

4. Outdoor condensing cooling units

Outdoor condensing cooling units often have more space to use for their installation. But in order to operate properly, you need to consider their durability to a greater degree than indoor installation.

5. Merchandise display

Customer-facing commercial refrigeration units are much different than industrial types. They may encounter more frequent traffic and use.

As a result, merchandise displays can include different cosmetic considerations as well a refrigeration needs. Because these units will be accessed and opened more frequently they need to be able to stay cool.

And the wear and tear on the hardware can also set up issues. You need durable hinges and handles like with their industrial counterparts.

ICEMASTERS Helps With All Types of Refrigeration

ICEMASTERS can help identify the right types of refrigeration for your business. restaurants, butchers, supermarkets, and breweries depend on ICEMASTERS to help with their types of refrigeration systems.

Customers love our service because they know we believe in workmanship and dependability. We maintain a smaller team which allows us to handpick the best technicians.

It lets our customers know they can be confident that we aren’t sending strangers or unqualified workers to install or maintain your cooling systems.

Whether you need refrigeration installation or maintenance, ICEMASTERS can help. Don’t trust your business needs to a company without the best experience.

Contact ICEMASTERS today.

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