3 Things Craft Breweries Need
to Know About Refrigeration

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How ICEMASTERS Helps Craft Brewers:

Our team of technicians can work with you to design the perfect cooling system for your needs, including:

  • Evaluating your available storage space and equipment for the best possible configuration
  • Designing, installing, and repairing cooling systems for your craft brewery
  • Configuring your refrigeration equipment to minimize energy costs
  • Providing affordable, friendly, and dependable expertise on-site when you need it

We are proud to work with craft breweries and help them to produce perfect, great-tasting batches every time. Whether you’re brewing craft beers as a hobby, or are on the first step towards launching a bigger business, the team at IceMasters is ready to step in and help.

Contact us today and let us put our skills, expertise, and passion to work for you.

Did You Know?

The beer brewing and refrigeration industries actually grew up together, beginning in Germany and continuing in the United States. The advent of refrigeration technology led to consistency in beer brewing standards, and make the beverage so popular around the world!