Commercial Hvac and Rooftop Hvac

Commercial HVAC and rooftop HVAC for commercial buildings.

When operating properly, commercial and rooftop HVAC units provide reliable and cost-effective climate control to entire buildings without taking up internal space that could otherwise be used more profitably.

We service: Carrier, York, Lennox rooftop HVAC Units and many more.

rooftop hvac unit

Following correct installation and maintenance procedures is important to getting the most from these units. Without the right amount of attention paid during setup and regular service, they can easily become damaged, stop working, and/or need to be replaced altogether.

Calgary Commercial HVAC Replacement or Installation

Replacing a rooftop HVAC unit isn’t as simple as picking one from a catalog and arranging for delivery. There are electricity, ventilation, spacing, and even structural concerns to consider. And if your unit isn’t properly configured, you could waste money on unnecessary energy costs or have to deal with complaints from uncomfortable workers or tenants.

ICEMASTERS’ technicians have the experience to evaluate your property, help you find the appropriate heating and cooling unit, and develop a budget for installation, operation, and maintenance… as well as examine your current unit to determine whether you actually need to replace it in the first place.

How ICEMASTERS Services Your Rooftop HVAC Better

Although these units are often marketed and sold as being virtually maintenance-free, the fact that they are constantly exposed to the elements means they’re still going to require proper service. Additionally, having an existing rooftop heating and cooling unit repaired immediately is often dramatically less expensive than replacing it would be.

At ICEMASTERS, we don’t play games with our customers or hide costs from them. We know how important quality work is, especially in situations where business owners or building managers might not be familiar with some of the more technical specifications. ICEMASTERS provides fast, cost-effective, and dependable Rooftop HVAC services.

We want you to feel as good about our work months and years down the road as you do the minute we leave, which is why we stand by our work and never leave screws, garbage, or other debris sitting on your rooftop (all too common with some suppliers). Customers turn to us because they want great work at a fair price, all from a team of trained technicians they know they can trust.

If you need service, repair, or installation on your commercial rooftop HVAC unit, get in touch with ICEMASTERS now at 403-294-9384!