Your Refrigeration Is Critical To Your Business

Calgary refrigeration repair and climate conditioning and hvac aren’t just our specialty – they are important parts of your business.

walk-in-cooler-refrigerationThat’s why we make it our mission at ICEMASTERS to be honest, reliable professionals who provide unsurpassed service. We know that when we do our jobs correctly, food stays fresher, people are more comfortable, and costs are reduced.

Deciding you need a refrigerated space is easy… getting expert installation can be a whole other matter. Although cooling may seem simple in theory, properly evaluating a customer’s needs, assessing the available area, and configuring available equipment to run reliably and efficiently requires the proper training and experience.

From simple repairs to complete refrigeration system replacements, ICEMASTERS has the tools and expertise to quickly evaluate a problem, find cost-effective solutions, and give you the options and information you need to move forward.

When you call ICEMASTERS, you aren’t just scheduling an appointment with an anonymous Calgary walk-in cooler repair – you’re getting expert help from a locally owned and operated business that wants to earn your trust for years to come.

For immediate help with your walk-in freezer or refrigerator unit, call us now at 403-294-9384 and see why so many Calgary businesses trust ICEMASTERS!